/ˈwaɪə / (say 'wuyuh)

1. a piece of slender, flexible metal, ranging from a thickness that can be bent by the hand only with some difficulty down to a fine thread, and usually circular in section.
2. such pieces as a material.
3. a length of such material used as a conductor of electricity, usually insulated in a flex.
4. a crosswire or crosshair.
5. a barbed-wire fence.
6. a long wire or cable used in a telegraph, telephone, or cable system.
7. a hidden electronic device designed to enable conversations conducted by the wearer to be heard covertly by others: the agent got the information by wearing a wire.
8. US Colloquial a telegram.
9. US Colloquial the telegraphic system: to send a message by wire.
10. (plural) a system of wires by which puppets are moved.
11. a metallic string of a musical instrument.
12. Ornithology one of the extremely long, slender, wire-like filaments or shafts of the plumage of various birds.
13. a metal device used to snare rabbits, etc.
14. US Horseracing Colloquial the finish line originally indicated by a wire stretched over the track.
15. made of wire; consisting of or constructed with wires.
16. wire-like.
verb (wired, wiring)
verb (t)
17. to furnish with a wire or wires.
18. to install an electric system of wiring, as for lighting, etc.
19. to fasten or bind with wire.
20. to put on a wire, as beads.
21. US Colloquial to send by telegraph, as a message.
22. US Colloquial to send a telegraphic message to.
23. to snare by means of a wire or wires.
24. Croquet to arrange (a ball) in such a manner that it will rest behind an arch and thus prevent a shot which would be successful.
verb (i)
25. US Colloquial to send a telegraphic message; telegraph.
26. go (down) to the wire, Colloquial
a. (of competitors) to be evenly matched until the very end.
b. (of a competition) to involve competitors who are evenly matched until the end: that race will go to the wire.
{Phrase Origin: from US and Canadian English. See def. 14}
27. have (or get) one's wires crossed, Colloquial to become confused; misunderstand.
28. pull wires, Chiefly US to exert hidden influence; pull strings.
29. take to the wire, Colloquial (of one competitor, team, etc.) to push (opponents) to their very limit: Norths will take Souths to the wire this Saturday.
30. under the wire, Colloquial at the very last minute; in the nick of time.
{Middle English and Old English wīr}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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